gareth colliton

Sculptural investigations into medical practice

Hospital Emergency Departments are a rarified space, positioned as a membrane between the Medical establishment and the outside world of illness and hazard. Cubicles are filled with not only the grievously wounded, but also the elderly, the stressed, the mentally ill, the poor, the worried, and the inebriated. A cross-section of humanity is compartmentalised and on display here, in all of its vulnerability.

In 2013, Karen Richards, Andrea Radley and Gareth Colliton undertook a residency program in the Emergency Department of the Warrnambool Hospital. The artists worked alongside Medical Staff in their regular operations and used the experience to create investigative artworks based on their experiences and observations. Through diverse media and methodology, the artists created an exhibition of works which encourage the viewer to consider the sacred and secretive space of the Hospital ED.

We’re off to see the Wizard (2014) is a universal Doctor, a mechanical marvel designed to cure a plethora of personal problems. Its mechanics incorporate contemporary Western medicines, bezoars, voodoo, healing stones, crystals, witchcraft, bones, herbs, religious artefacts and homeopathic remedies to provide certain remedy to any affliction.